In-process quality control service

Vierrevi srl has always placed great importance on the importance of quality control in all the phases that are involved in the production of precision industrial mechanical components.

Our aim is to guarantee the highest requirements and standards for every single product that is commissioned to us. We use state-of-the-art machinery for dimensional control as well as performing constant in-process controls, which thus allows us to ensure the conformity of the processes being monitored, respecting the customer’s design.

Each process undergoes specific checks to ensure maximum compliance and to obtain maximum precision, from computerised tests with CMM machines to intermediate checks in the various processing stages. The complexity of the item is not an obstacle for our staff but rather an objective to be pursued, from the order to delivery.

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Even the tiniest detail can make a difference

The quality control operations of the components being processed always undergo stringent tests by our professional staff. We submit all the products we manufacture to in-process checks, including the final testing. In this way we are certain that we can guarantee the highest quality at every level of the process.

One of the key factors in the quality control phase is the compliance with tolerance levels and the conformity of the item with what is indicated in the customer’s drawing or project. Very short lead times and constant customer support are qualities that complete our service.


Precision is not just an extra

Mechanics requires precision and our workshop ensures that all production parameters are respected on a daily basis. Control is a tool that is used to check the quality of the work performed, delivering to the customer a mechanical item that is perfect and functional for its intended use.

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