The services of our mechanical precision workshop

The Vierrevi srl mechanical precision workshop deals with the production, third-party processing, of all those industrial components and items that are essential for the correct operation of machines and systems for the aerospace, packaging, automatic machines and motorsports sectors.

The creation of items is based on the absolute respect for the drawing supplied by the customer. We specialise in the processing of metals but we also deal with other materials such as plastic and PVC.

Our range of services includes processings such as milling, turning, cutting, assembly and dimensional measurements. To perform these operations to the best of our ability, we need a cutting-edge machine park, precise instruments and a competent staff who are able to manage any variable with professionalism and passion. Vierrevi srl is the result of the perfect combination of all of these elements, offering itself as partner and collaborator with all the companies it deals with. We earn our customers’ trust by guiding them from the design to the production of the finished product, guaranteeing maximum availability and expertise.

Choose our mechanical precision workshop and contact us to receive assistance. We are present in the provinces of Bologna and Modena and we also operate throughout Italy and Europe.



Vierrevi srl specialises in the production and processing of turned precision components across a wide range of materials created thanks to the most modern machines to ensure professional turning and able to guarantee every single aspect of quality.



We are a point of reference for the industrial sector and our particularly refined milling service guarantees infinite profiling possibilities. Our machine park consists of CNC equipment to mill materials with an ultra-high level of precision.



Our precision cutting department strictly follows the indications supplied by the customer thereby obtaining a unique product refined down to the last detail. We use mechanical cutting technology to create superior quality profiles.



Completing our range of services for industry and thanks to the experience acquired over the years, the Vierrevi srl workshop is a partner in the creation, assembly and combining of machine groups and complete systems. We offer fast and highly qualified service.



Vierrevi srl’s testing and dimensional measurements department consists of professional technicians with the right skills to create dimensional measurements using 3D technology. The aim is to faithfully reproduce the piece we are asked to recreate during production. Precision in respecting the customers’parameters is essential in our sector.

A reliable, expert and passionate partner

For 40 years Vierrevi srl has been investing its resources in the development of innovative production processes, using the most sophisticated technologies for CNC mechanical processings and choosing the most efficient production method to reduce the delivery times and to increase the quality of the service offered.

The result is evident in a service that is tailor-made for the client, designed to meet a variety of needs. We follow the client throughout the processing, helping them during the phases of design, production, assembly and testing.

With Vierrevi srl any processing focuses on reaching standards such as the reduction of delivery times and maximising quality. We also operate outside Italy with professionalism, collaborating with important companies and multinationals operating worldwide.

Our long-established reliability and the continuous search for new technologies are key aspects for us and pave the way to perfecting the third-party mechanical machining that we are commissioned with.

We operate in close contact with our customers and address on a daily basis new challenges, expanding our experience to anyone seeking a reliable partner by their side.

We are experts in mechanical precision processing: our technical and sales department is available for analysis and evaluations.

For further information, contact us and assign us your precision processing. We operate in the provinces of Bologna and Modena and throughout Italy and Europe.