Assembly of mechanical components

As a mechanical workshop specialised in the production of mechanical items, Vierrevi srl also performs, as a third-party supplier, the assembly of precision pieces.

We offer a complete service, guaranteeing rapid delivery and high quality standards. The assembly process is divided into various steps, each of which is studied and fine-tuned to create finished components that meet customers’ expectations. The project is analysed in detail to successfully guarantee complete, precise and rapid assembly.

Our aim is the efficient operation of the system on which the piece must be installed. On request, we also perform pre-assembly operations to make the next phase of assembly of the individual components easier and quicker.

We mainly work with small items and small mechanical groups.

Contact us to request further information. We offer our service of assembling precision items in Modena, in the surrounding province and including the municipality of Mirandola. We are also active throughout Italy and Europe.


One workshop offering a wide range of services

Thanks to the experience gathered in 40, we can meet the customer’s needs in an equipped mechanical workshop run by a team of technical professionals. We assemble parts and small metal items for a variety of industrial sectors, aiming to achieve maximum satisfaction of whoever chooses us as a partner.

In particular, our assembly service includes the assembly of mechanical items or machine groups, prototypes and plastic components as well as small items for sectors such as motorsports and aerospace.

Our quality standard is the strength that identifies us as a point of reference. Precision and dedication are determining factors in our professional assembly work.

The first step is the request of the customer which is followed by the initial readings and measurements and ends with the phases of assembly and a final test.  All these aspects demonstrate the professionalism and effort we put into proposing our services.


Increased productivity is possible with professional assembly

We are always available to our customers and we explore as many solutions as possible to meet the various needs.

Mounting and assembling mechanical groups means, first and foremost, allowing an industrial enterprise to be able to best manage its own production line, ensuring deliveries are on time while trying to predict possible malfunctions and faults.

Vierrevi srl offers its mechanical precision components assembly service, assisting companies, especially during peak production periods, improving the management and the internal organisation, simply by offering all of its experience, precision instrumentations and a qualified and dedicated staff.

We are a partner for our customers as we offer a complete range of services aimed at the production of complete mechanical pieces, ready to be used to their full potential.

Performance, speed, precision and respect for the customer. These are the features that set us apart from the competition.

Are you looking for a mechanical precision workshop that offers a rapid and professional assembly service? Contact us now. We operate in Mirandola and in the main centres of the province of Modena and also throughout Italy and Europe.