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Boasting a history of 40 years in business, Vierrevi srl undertakes mechanical precision processing with the aim of satisfying all the needs of industrial companies. Our commitment is to focus primarily on the creation of third-party mechanical components and custom products according to customer specifications.

Aerospace, packaging, automatic machines and motorsports are the sectors served by our main services. Today one of our strengths is the trust that our customers place in the experience and reliability that have always distinguished us. All the departments of our company work as one and, together with a highly-qualified professional staff, are the driving force of all our activities.

From traditional tasks such a turning and milling to current processing using CNC machines and 3D software, much more complex and involved, we have always focussed on innovation together with technology and the changing needs of the market.

We believe in people and in the added value that our attention, experience and precision at every single step can give to the product.  We have created a fully Italian business that satisfies the needs of customers that goes beyond expectations, with the same precision, attention and focus on the details, day after day.

Contact us for more information on all our services. Located in the province of Modena, we are also present in Bologna, throughout Italy and Europe.


The processing


Our workshop performs turning processing to create mechanical components according to customer drawings. Through the use of cutting-edge machines and of the most modern technologies, combined with our many years of experience and the always close collaboration with the customer, we are able to supply a final product of guaranteed quality respecting the requested times. We use CAD-CAM softwares, motorised turns with C axis, Y axis and Multitasking.


Vierrevi srl is a reference point for all the milling works in precision mechanics, from the simplest to the most complex components and spare parts. We receive the customer drawing, creating the items using 3D mathematical models and the most modern CAD-CAM technologies, supported by our skills and forty years of experience, with technologies provided by 5 5-axis machining centres (up to 24 pallets and 120 tools) and 2 vertical machining centres.


Cutting is a key phase in the production cycle that Vierrevi srl performs in-house with a dedicated department using its own materials readily available from stock, with a solid base of qualified suppliers, consolidated over time.


Vierrevi srl boasts a modern and equipped testing department with the most modern technologies to take dimensional measurements in 2D and 3D and with continuous scanning. The highly qualified personnel guarantee the client precise and reliable tests.

The sectors


Anyone who operates in the packaging sectors knows it is essential to work with a reliable partner to create mechanical components. Our aim is to create a robust collaboration with the customer, so that we can act as a single supplier for all the services the customers may need.


When a company needs items for automatic machines, Vierrevi srl is the solution. For 40 years we have made it our priority to provide the best services for all the industrial companies that opt for us. Whether it’s the pharmaceutical sector or tobacco industry, we are able to provide the best customized solutions.


Vierrevi srl works with passion to create components for the motorsports sector. Approved by the best teams of the Formula 1 world, we offer  top-of-the-range  services that meet the most demanding expectations. Quality, precision and performance are the key words of our processing.


Vierrevi srl is certified to create components for the aeronautical and aerospace industry.  The details and regulations imposed by this sector are the maximum expression of the quality of mechanical machining. We are EN 9100:2018-certified which guarantees our high level professional standars.

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  • Precision mechanical machining  with certified quality
  • Strategies to manage your productions also from a financial perspective: your competitiveness is our future
  • Product development in partnership with your technical staff.
  • Constant study and targeted research to be applied to the work according to the objective

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