The production of mechanical items for the motorsports sector

The use of advanced software and of cutting-edge instrumentation allows us to work in particular in the motorsports sector, creating very high precision parts such as suspension components and chassis for Formula 1 team vehicles.

Vierrevi srl has successfully combined its passion for precision mechanics with the needs of the motorsports industry, putting all its experience and know-how, acquired in 40 years of business, into the construction of high end technological components.

The productions are made according to the customer’s design, respecting the most stringent parameters. Vehicles require aerodynamic parts that are light, performing and resistant to predefined factors, such as stresses, vibrations and impacts. The ability to comply with the specifications indicated by our customers means we are able to guarantee the creation of items that perfectly meet their specifications.

Suspensions, brackets, pedals and gears are just some of the items we are asked to produce for the motorsports industrial sector. Thanks to the quality of our services, we consider ourselves to be business partners and not just suppliers, thereby evolving together with the customer and always ready to tackle new and exciting challenges.

If you are looking for an expert workshop to create mechanical parts for Formula 1 and for the motorsports sector, do not hesitate to contact us. Vierrevi srl operates in the provinces of Bologna and Modena and throughout Italy and Europe.


A rapid delivery service and guaranteed quality

A sector in constant evolution and where supply times are becoming increasingly shorter: motorsports necessarily demands reliable partners and suppliers who can create very complex prototypes and components without delays in the established delivery times. Vierrevi srl guarantees speed of execution and quality in the supply to its customers.

Our commitment in the motorsports sector doesn’t merely involve the creation of the piece; all the operations are carried out with a single purpose: to provide the best service possible to our customers in terms of punctuality, expertise and availability.

There are no low value components and in the same way there are no races that cannot be won. The secret is using our experience to achieve a common goal and using a team of professionals; for this reason our work system focuses on continuous improvement reflecting the fact that the production needs for motorsport components are constantly evolving.


The characteristics of an efficient customer care service

At Vierrevi srl, we pay attention to every customer and we guide them at every stage of the production. We guarantee high levels of confidentiality as well as innovative technologies dedicated to the continuous improvement of our service.

The precision products cover a wide range of items and also include special and custom parts according to the instructions of the customer. All the pieces that we make are thoroughly tested during the final inspection to ensure we deliver a component that is ready to be installed.

We guarantee short turnaround times, reliability and quality throughout the chain of services. For information on our services and to request a quote, please do not hesitate to contact us. We operate in the provinces of Bologna and Modena and throughout Italy and Europe.