Mechanical components assembly department

Anyone who chooses us for our experience can be certain of a team of professionals ready to respond to every need such as the assembly of mechanical groups or sub-groups. The assembly operation involves precise steps aimed at the correct operation of the pieces, meaning that the customers needn’t themselves undertake the phases of demanding management instead of the short production times that we are able to offer them.

The sectors we serve the most are packaging, automatic machines, motorsports and aerospace. These sectors require a high level of attention especially in the assembly and final testing phase. It is for this reason that Vierrevi srl can be considered a unique partner, starting from the support phase and then including the phases of research and development and rapid delivery. Our items strictly comply with the specifications requested by customers, guaranteeing correct installation of the components produced and absolute respecting of the expected costs.

For the production and assembly of precision automatic components contact our mechanical workshop. We offer our services in the provinces of Bologna and Modena and throughout Italy and Europe.


Speed, quality and efficiency

We pay close attention to the details, basing all our work on one single and essential objective: to offer a quality service.

It is important for us at Vierrevi srl to strictly respect the project presented by the customer and to meet production needs, as it is only by doing so that we are able to create a superior product and respect the agreed delivery times.

At each stage of assembly, we perform technical checks to ensure compliance with the specifications of the drawing, carefully positioning every single piece to then compose the final complete system.

Before starting the delivery, we perform in-house control tests.


The customer is always the focus of our attention

At Vierrevi srl the staff are highly specialised and actively collaborate with the customer in the creation of precision mechanical products. The assembly service is thus able to achieve excellent quality standards, including the guarantee of high-performance and durable components.

Request our consultancy and contact us. Our services are available to all companies who operate in the provinces of Bologna and Modena, as well as to all those throughout Italy and Europe.