Laser marking of components

The Vierrevi srl precision mechanical workshop customises the items requested through laser and percussion marking.

Our company excels with its professionalism and technological research which is part of our daily work.

The marking is used to identify and personalise the items of our customers, thereby meeting a wide variety of requirements, including the application of logos, texts, production batches or serial numbers.

Using the technology available, Vierrevi Srl customises various components, including items made of titanium, stainless steel and other metals, also plastic materials.

Contact us to obtain further information and request a quote. We offer our marking service to industrial companies trading in Mirandola and in the province of Bologna, as well as throughout Italy and Europe


Marking: an industrial traceability solution

Vierrevi srl designs and manufactures components for third parties, marking the items and using fast and very precise engraving technologies. Our equipment is used to create a logo, a brand, a serial number or a code, ensuring the precise identification of each item.

In case of defects and quality problems, engraving offers the opportunity to retrieve the necessary information in order to be able to determine the related responsibility.

The technologies that we use also includes dot peen marking, which is achieved by punching or notching of the material to obtain a sequence of micro-dots. We also use the laser technique to achieve more precise and accurate incisions.

Our marking department consists of:

  • No, 1 SISMA LASER MARKER mod. Big Smarky 200F;
  • No. 1 PROPEN 300 micro percussion MARKER.

A wide range of customisations

The metal components that are marked can also be personalised according to the customer’s requirements with logos and with custom technical specifications.

New technologies make it possible to achieve plates, serial numbers and production references quickly and precisely to the thousandth of a millimetre. The solutions created by Vierrevi srl are robust and effective, as well as being highly adaptable and flexible.

We respond to every need of the industrial sector, producing components with both simple and very complex engravings.

Contact our mechanical precision workshop. We operate in Mirandola, throughout the province of Bologna and extensively in Italy and Europe.