Research and innovation for Aerospace and defence sector

A ‘space’ visit to LarioSpace 2024 (2nd ed.) – Where Space meets Lake Como 🚀 organised by Involve Space.

An event dedicated to the topic of the new space economy in Italy, as an incubator for ideas and projects aimed at the future of this sector, in which major national players and new growing start-ups come together to share and discuss topics of interest to anyone deciding to invest in aerospace R&D.

Lots of guests and conferences in a very special place, that we were able to visit and explore: the Lario Space Centre, the Italian headquarters of Telespazio surrounded by antennas and dishes used for telecommunications, broadcasting and monitoring Meteosat stations.


Vierrevi is a precision mechanics workshop that looks to innovation, to grow together with its partners and actively participate in the evolution of our country’s leading sectors.