Mechanical parts adjustment department

The task of the certified mechanical workshop of Vierrevi srl is to finish the mechanical parts produced using dedicated work benches and operators specialised in adjustment processes.

This operation takes place at every level of mechanical machining, from drilling to the definition of important parts such as those of the surfaces of molds.

The finishes are performed within a specific department and represent an extremely delicate phase: high levels of manual skill are required from the operator who must be able to replicate and improve the finishing previously performed by numerical control machines; a specific department is dedicated to this particular function to guarantee surfaces and details of the highest quality.

The constant search for new technologies and the professional training of personnel are the key to guaranteeing an optimal mechanical component adjustment service, which we apply to a wide range of metals and plastic materials.

Contact us and request our consultancy. We operate in the provinces of Parma and Modena and throughout Italy and Europe.


What we do

Adjustment is carried out both manually and using specific mechanical tools. Our department works on unfinished, laminated pieces or on already machined components that need to be retouched before being installed.

We perform all the main operations within our in-house workshop:

  • Tracking: a stage during which the phases still to be eliminated are highlighted.
  • Filing: this process removes residual excess thickness and is performed with various files based on the material to be treated;
  • Cutting;
  • Drilling: required for the housing of through screws;
  • Boring: it is used to smooth the internal surface of the diameter and follows the drilling phase;
  • Threading: this is the tapping of the hole to create the nut screw;
  • Tapping: essential to create the threading;
  • Deburring: the removal of excess material following all the adjustment operations.

Our methodoloy

The metrology room is an essential department for a precision mechanical workshop whose goal is to offer the best of services. Vierrevi srl uses state-of-the-art technologies and superior equipment to perform dimensional testing for the certification of conformity and quality of mechanical parts.

After production, the intermediate dimensional check is performed to confirm the conformity of the components and prototypes to the dimensions and measurements requested by the customer and shown on the drawing.

We use the best technologies such as  three-dimensional measurement system, profilometers, altimeters, projectors, roughness meters, durometers, gauges and bore gauges, to name but a few.

To ensure that all the commissioned components are subjected to the necessary dimensional controls contact us and request our intervention. We operate in the zones of Bologna and Mirandola and throughout Italy and Europe.